Reality Unbound

Are Psychic Experiences Glimpses of a Greater Reality?

Growing up, most of us were taught that we live in a physical universe, where everything operates according to predictable scientific laws. We were told we are all separate from each other and from Nature, and that our minds are separate from the world around us. And although theories in quantum physics have challenged these beliefs for nearly a century, it is still the accepted view today that the “real world” is a concrete, mechanistic, finite place.

But many people do not have this limited view of reality. These are people who have psychic experiences. They may experience ESP, telepathic dreams, or moments of clairvoyance. They may have engaged in shamanic journeys, psychic healing, or mysticism. Or, they may feel the touch of other realms of existence through channeling, contact with their ancestors, vision quests, or out-of-body experiences.

Sadly, most people who have such extraordinary experiences are afraid to share them with others, lest they be disbelieved, invalidated, or ridiculed. Confronted with the skepticism of those adhering to a conventional worldview, they may doubt themselves and wonder whether their experiences are simply the products of their imagination.

For those who are ready to make SENSE of their experiences, but could never find the words or evidence to explain them, Lisa M. Christie, Ph.D., presents this book:

Reality Unbound:
A New Science Exploration of Psychic Experiences
and the Conscious World in Which We Live

Reality Unbound provides compelling evidence that we live in a universe of infinite possibility, where we are active co-creators, not simply passive observers. Exhaustively researched, and expanding upon findings first presented in her doctoral dissertation, author Lisa Christie blends new studies in science and parapsychology with dozens of first-hand accounts of a broad variety of psychospiritual experiences, to reveal an inspiring, alternative picture of reality. She calls this “the holographic world,” where everything is conscious and connected, and boundaries and separation simply do not exist in an absolute sense. This is the place where the inexplicable becomes explicable, where miracles happen, and where magic works.

Reality Unbound offers clarity and insight into the nature of psychic phenomena, as well as practical suggestions for how to increase your capacity to experience them. It will show you how to navigate through psychic awareness, and how this can open the door to a whole new world – filled with wonder, awe, and joy. Ultimately, it will show you how we are all part of a cosmic community, and how this collective consciousness can help bring harmony and peace to humanity and our planet.

For anyone who has struggled to make sense of the world through other people’s lenses, and who passionately believes truth is infinitely more beautiful and meaningful than what we were taught as children…

get ready to step into an expansive new reality – a Reality Unbound.